Top 5 Types of Apps for Content Creators

Grachova Mariia
12 min

Professionals, teams, and agencies that drive traffic through social platforms sometimes have to complete a million tasks a day. Different types of content project management software help to optimize the process and save time by completing tasks from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Every creator need tools for:

  1. Design - Canva, Vista Create, Easial.
  2. Analytics - Google Analytics,, Hootsuite
  3. Content task management - Loopo
  4. Photo and video editors - InShot, VSCO, VideoLeap
  5. Storage for new and old ideas - Google Keep, Notion, Miro

​In this article, you will know more details about useful apps.

3 Services for Creating Images for Social Networks

Let's start with software that takes the hassle out of learning the basics of design. Such services create layouts with predefined parameters, depending on the selected image type and the site where the user is going to post content. They work on the drag & drop principle and have such an intuitive interface.

Creating Images for Social Networks

The user can only choose the design, write the text, select the font and the image will be ready.


You can quickly create backgrounds for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter accounts, images for Instagram posts, Pinterest, and other social networks.

In addition, Canva provides the ability to create animated content, but with very limited functionality (only text and moving graphics). The program is suitable for professional designers and beginners. Moreover, importantly, it automatically saves layouts.

Vista Create

The main advantage of the program is the ability to create unique animated content for stories on Facebook and Instagram in both horizontal and vertical formats.

At the same time, the program provides much wider opportunities for creativity than analogs. In addition, this is the only software that allows you to create video covers for Facebook accounts and groups.

The free version of the library includes over 100,000 graphic and animated templates, as well as over 140 million stock images. Here it is possible to upload your content - fonts, and graphics.


Users have access to interesting design tools, such as adding effects for texts (neon, shadows, and others), working with layers and groups of graphic elements, creating creative GIF animations with wide design options.

The program library is regularly updated with new templates from professional designers. The Easil team monitors visual communication trends in social networks and develops content based on them. So, the program has a huge selection of templates for Instagram stories.

Services for Social Media Analytics for Marketers

Social media analytics service is a real lifesaver for a specialist, manager, and business owner. Automatic collection and visualization of data ( by audience and content) saves time and effort. We analyze the 3 most convenient and functional tools that can work with different social networks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track social media campaigns and even helps you measure social ROI ( = return of investment).

This tool is valuable software for analyzing the behavior of social media traffic.

For instance, you can see how much traffic comes to your website from each social network, or use UTM parameters to track specific social media campaigns.

SMM platform for business, agencies, marketing teams. Allows you to work with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Telegram.


  • Auto-posting with content adaptation for each social network.
  • Tools for developing a content plan and promotion strategy.
  • Analysis of accounts, groups, pages by key indicators: subscribers, number of posts, engagement, clicks, etc. 
  • An analysis of advertising campaigns.


A powerful social media marketing and management platform, which supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.

Hootsuite features include:

  • Analytical reports on selected social networks in real-time.
  • Built-in auto-posting, uploading content from RSS feeds.
  • Connecting Google Analytics to track the clickability of links in different social networks.
  • Integrations with Slack, Trello, Adobe, Google My Business, and more.

Social media task management apps

Loopo - a content task manager for all bloggers

Loopo - a content task manager for all bloggers, production teams, SMM managers, and brands creative departments.

Here you can create a few workspaces and manage all work entities of your projects with colleagues. You can easily connect your channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other communication channels in one software.

Сontent project management software Loopo offers extensive functionality and built-in Agile tools. Thanks to the capabilities provided by Loopo, it is possible to correctly estimate time costs, analyze efficiency, track the current status of a task, and many other factors.

To achieve this goal, it is important to adhere to three key principles: well-established two-way communication between the leader and subordinates, the correct distribution of tasks, as well as priority in the issue of “multitasking or focusing”. An effective tool for tracking tasks and displaying them on a chart is Loopo, a project management software equipped with an extensive arsenal of functions and tools.

Apps for Photo and Video Editing


App for iOS and Android for quick video editing on the go. While on-the-go mode limits the app's capabilities, it's easy and simple for anyone to use. In addition to video editing, you can create collages and add filters to images.

Key features:

  • Allows you to easily set the frame size for IGTV, stories, or Instagram feed;
  • Includes necessary basic functions such as trimming, cutting, and splitting;
  • Allows you to add filters, including colors and various interesting effects;
  • Includes slow and fast control;
  • Allows you to add text and stickers to videos;
  • Includes volume control, video rotation and scrolling, and music.

Obviously, InShot can`t replace professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. But if your goal is to get funny and fast videos for Instagram and TikTok that don't require exceptional professionalism, then this app is a great place to start.


VSCO is a free app that contains presets, various filters, and built-in tools that turn your regular iPhone photos and videos into real professional photos.

The application has more than 60 filters. And also you can adjust almost all the parameters of the video or picture.

VSCO GRID is a separate part of the application that will allow you to share your photos with other users, as well as arrange collaborations with other participants.


A convenient interface for video editing and a free version is enough to work with Stories, TikToks, and Reels.

Videoleap works well in conjunction with other applications from Enlight. The paid version is needed to get rid of watermarks and similar restrictions.

Together, they provide many opportunities for working with photos and videos.

Services to Fix Your Ideas

If you work in the creative field, then ideas often come to you at the most inopportune moment and you need to write them down so that you can tweak them later and implement them with the team.
That is why the place for recording ideas and thoughts should be open from any device, and also be simple and convenient to use.

Google Keep

Notes Organizer, the main advantages of which are high speed, optimal functionality, and a well-designed interface without unnecessary frills. Perhaps, Google's app will seem too simple and frivolous to users tempted by paid software, but for the modest needs of the average user (storing texts, audio recordings, photos, pictures, task lists, links), Keep's capabilities are enough.

For convenience, notes can be sorted by color, content, or whether they are shared. Of the noticed features of Keep, we note the existence in the service of a limit of 20 thousand characters (with spaces) on the size of notes.


Notion is a versatile program that can be used both as a note-taking app and as a Wikipedia-like knowledge base platform. In this application, the main focus is on the possibilities of presenting information in various ways (from text blocks, tables, checklists, kanban boards, or multi-level lists to design document templates).

Whether the average user needs such a large number of tools is a big question.


It is often very important for content creators not only to write down but to draw their ideas like diagrams, graphs, mind maps, etc.

Miro is a typical virtual board with many tools:

  • Support for many media formats: pictures, YouTube and Vimeo videos, PDF files, documents, etc.
  • Highlighting with colored markers, using stickers, the ability to draw geometric shapes.
  • Work in real-time; it is especially convenient to leave comments. You can attach stickers, documents, etc. All actions are displayed in a special panel.
  • Additional tools (for example, To-Do can be used for goal setting).


We are sure that there are still a lot of other cool apps for bloggers and content creators on the Internet, and everyone chooses the programs to their liking.

Enjoy every day, use the best project management app Loopo and everything will work out for sure.

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