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A values-driven company, Loopo helps you build
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Loopo - All-in-One Content Marketing Solution
Loopo - All-in-One Content Marketing Solution


Content calendar
Task manager for creators
Analytics & Budget
AI content generator

Benefits you gain from Loopo

Enhance your content strategies to increase customer
acquisition and achieve your business goals.
Biceps IconImproved Collaboration
The content management app facilitates collaboration among your team members.
Laptop IconContent Balance
Loopo facilitates content governance, ensuring compliance with brand guidelines and regulatory requirements.
Direct Hit IconTargeted Delivery
By leveraging user data, you can tailor content to specific customer preferences, increasing engagement and conversions.
Rocket IconScalability and Growth
Content management software is designed to scale as your businesses grow and accommodate increasing content volumes.
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Your social media management
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Streamlined Collaboration
Manage tasks, campaigns, and content across teams.
Unified Content Management
Centralize whole content flow in one workspace.
Flexible AI
Reach the next level of productivity and access the infinite pool of ideas.
Seamless Flow
Easily store and access all content, track main metrics, and repurpose content.

Consolidate tools.
Cut costs!

Consolidate tools
Get rid of a dozen different tools.
Optimize your team's work and save time.

How can Loopo help you?


How can Loopo help you?

Creators & Influencers
Working with a team you can keep the entire workflow in one place. All files with images and analytics are structured and always at hand. Human interface will facilitate onboarding of new employees.
Marketing teams
Schedule content for social networks, blogs, video production, sites, etc. Using one workspace, manage content on several platforms at once by adding the appropriate communication channels.
Video Production teams
Distribute general workspace tasks or publication-specific tasks within the team. Assign tasks and control deadlines. Using the budget, the team can monitor the costs that were spent on production.
Separate workspaces for different projects will make your work coherent and never confuse you, even if you have many different clients. By creating tasks for each publication, you won't lose routine posts and miss deadlines.

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Frequently Asked
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What makes Loopo different from other social media planners?
The main advantage is the approach to interaction and content scheduling. The publication is the centerpiece and your workflow builds around it.
Is Loopo free?
Start work with a free 7-day trial. However, you can already check our pricing here.
How can I pay for subscription?
You can use your credit card to purchase any plan. We will automatically charge your account balance at the end of the payment period.

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Invite new members by email or share a secret link with all participants (clients, teammates, owners). Manage accounts and their roles for easy collaboration.
Produce content for any platform – from YouTube to your website. Attach important files, add docs and discuss them with teammates.

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